Wildscape Gardens

Garden creation & habitat restoration services
  1. Wildlife Gardens
    Create a space for nature in your backyard and bring the beauty of our local wildlife to your door.
    Our precious wildlife is disappearing with land clearing. You can help reverse this decline by providing the right shelter, food and water that our wildlife needs. Wildscape Gardens designs and installs gardens to suit the soil, size and aspect of your property and can cater for a range of wildlife. Specialties of Wildscape Gardens include ponds for different frog species, gardens for small birds as well as larger nectar, fruit and seed feeders, bees, butterflies, gliders, koalas and natural bush landscapes. Wildscape Gardens can create your garden to be part of the growing network of certified Pollinator Link® gardens.
  2. Garden Makeovers
    Bring new life to your garden with Wildscape Gardens design and horticultural services tailored to your property and budget.
    Create a new garden or refresh an existing garden with Wildscape Gardens. Add some colour, fragrance, shade, privacy, edible plants or a blend to suit you. Choose from native, tropical, cottage, arid and edible garden themes or be inspired by nature and recreate the natural wonder of our world in your own backyard. Wildscape Gardens can create a natural style landscape with rainforest, dry forests, wetland and heath.
  3. Garden Cleanups
    Wildscape Gardens can take care of your garden maintenance needs and control declared weeds on your property.
    Do you have unidentified plants growing in your yard? Wildscape Gardens can identify and control woody weeds before they begin to take over your property, impact on structures and spread through our environment. Wildscape Gardens can also tackle heavy weed infestations and restore your garden.
  4. Grow a Forest!
    Support natural bushland regeneration on your property with the professional services of Wildscape Gardens.
    Wildscape Gardens can help restore natural bushland by identifying priority areas and species for weed control and revegetation. Planting native species to suit your site conditions and requirements based on existing canopy composition can help nature restore your site with you. Call Wildscape Gardens today to start your restoration!