Wildscape Gardens

Garden creation & habitat restoration services
Wildscape Gardens is based in Brisbane and operated by James Hansen, environmental planner and horticulturalist. James has 20 years industry experience ranging from plant nursery production and retail to ecological assessment. Since 2007, James has been leading a group of volunteers restoring habitat along a 0.5km section of Cabbage Tree Creek in north Brisbane.

Wildscape Gardens brings together a love of nature and commitment to protecting our environment combining James's interests in landscape design, horticulture and knowledge of our unique flora and fauna.

Wildscape Gardens offers people the opportunity to create a garden sanctuary for wildlife in their own backyards and create low maintenance green escapes from the noise of everyday life. Whether you are seeking to create a new native garden, grow your own food, or looking for a tropical or cottage garden theme, Wildscape Gardens can design and construct the garden just for you.

Wildscape Gardens also offers garden cleanup services to give you the professional choice in restoring overgrown backyards. Bring your garden back to life and take control of potential and declared weeds with the services of Wildscape Gardens. Call us today! 

James Hansen
B.Sc (AES) GDURP Cert. III (Hort.) Cert. III (Rural Ops.)
Founder, Wildscape Gardens